Union Hill Baptist Church 
1430 FM 969
Bastrop, TX  78602
           Sunday Worship

9:30 a.m.         Sunday School

10:30 a.m.      B T U

11:00 a.m.      Morning Worship       

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Look around our website and learn more about our church family.  Our purpose is to celebrate God's unconditional love and grace by worshipping faithfully, growing spiritually and actively reaching out to others in the name of Jesus Christ.

               Union Hill Baptist Church - 1430 FM 969 - Bastrop, TX - (512) 581-3709. 
Mailing address: Union Hill Baptist Church - c/o James Hawkins - 171 Moore Lane - Elgin, TX. 78621
Sick & Shut-In

Bro. Lee Collins (Nursing Home)
Sis. Thelma Dukes (Nursing Home)


 ​ Intercessory Prayer List

Sis. Carolyn Jackson & Family​
Rev. Gary Jefferson​
Sis. Cynthia Richardson
Bro. Ray Collins
Sis. Patricia Tips
Sis. Saundra Hawkins
Sis. Margaret Moore​
Deacon Ricky Wilson
Sis. Gladys Clemons 
Bro. Lloyd Thompson
Our Youth
Union Hill Church Collectively​

Service Men-Armed Forces
​​​Bro. David Washington & Family

​Bro. Larry Monk, Jr.​ & Family






  1  Mycovia Williams
  5  James Collins Jr.
13  Adrianna Jackson
16  Aaron Morrison
17  Kaylan Hill
19  Alicia Blaylock
29  Mary Morrison​​​​​​
"Our flag does not fly
because the wind moves it.

​It flies with the​ last breath of each soldier who died
protecting it."


"May we think of freedom,
not as the right to do
as we please,
but as the opportunity
to do what is right."​​​​​

This Freedom
which we enjoy did not
originate with the
Founding Fathers.

Freedom and Respect
for the Dignity of Man,
Came as a Gift from

is the Nation
is the

Psalm 33:12​​​​​​

Home of the Free,
Because of the Brave.​​